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Desaparacidos - PayolaDesaparecidos – Payola

Conor Oberst is a busy man.  He has his solo work, he’s the frontman of Bright Eyes, a member of Monsters of Folk, a founder of Saddle Creek Records, etc. etc. etc.  His hardest hitting job, though, is as the front man of punk band Desaparecidos.  The band was originally formed in 2001 and released Read Music/Speak Spanish the following year before disbanding.  In 2010, the band reformed and started releasing occasional singles, which have been compiled (and added to) on Payola, an album of 14 2-3 minute bursts of pure punk rock.  A listener who goes into Payola expecting the gentle sounds and confessional lyrics of most Oberst projects will be taken aback by the distorted guitars and political ideas, but Oberst isn’t posing here.  He commits fully to the punk ethos and creates a record with depth, breadth, and a whole lot of fun.

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