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Boogie Down Productions

This entry is a continuation of So You Don’t Like Hip Hop: Part 2 – Early MCs, originally posted on March 28, 2013.

Boogie Down Productions – “9mm Goes Bang” (March 3, 1987): B-Boy Records

Formed in the Bronx (the ‘Boogie Down’) in the mid 1980s, BDP was made up initially of MC KRS-One (the name was his graffiti tag) and DJ Scott La Rock.  La Rock was working as a social worker at the Franklin Avenue Men’s Shelter in the Bronx when he met shelter resident KRS-One.  KRS-One initially dismissed La Rock as just another social worker, but the two struck up a bond when KRS-One arrived at a party to find his social worker behind the DJ equipment, and the duo soon began working together.

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