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facadeWhat good fortune! How many of us – whatever kind of music we listen to – ever get the chance to hear two of our favourite recent albums performed in their entirety, live, on the same evening, in a single venue? And this as just part of a two-day event with plenty more wonderful music, from brand-new pieces to beloved classics. Bang on a Can came to Dublin, and the weather improved too.

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Bang on a Can turns 25

By Craig McManus. Posted in Classical, Free Music, Neo-Classical | No Comments »

Bang on a Can, founded in 1987, is a classical music collective based in New York City.  They are likely best known for their live performances (and recordings) of Brian Eno’s Music for Airports or Terry Riley’s In C, but they have also performed the operas of Harry Partch and provided grants to newer artists like David Longstreth of Dirty Projectors.

Now as Bang on a Can turns 25, they are offering their new album Big Beautiful Dark and Scary for the cost of a memory, or simply letting them know how you heard about them.  Can’t beat that price whether you’re already a fan or haven’t heard of Bang on a Can until this very moment.  Just go here, enter your name, e-mail, and memory, download, and enjoy!

Thanks to Doofy over at for pointing this out.