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Title Fight - HyperviewTitle Fight – Hyperview

Punk bands usually age poorly.  Youthful anger often matures into adult satisfaction and neuters new music.  Happily, Title Fight seem to be avoiding this pitfall by exploring different sonic palates.  The first 5 songs of Hyperview are dreamy punk that show clear influences from My Bloody Valentine and progeny.  Track 6 and after, however, make quite the sonic switch to post punky (almost new wave) sounds reminiscent of the new direction Merchandise took on After the End.  Both halves of the album are excellent, but putting them together does make for a somewhat jarring listen.

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Sleater-Kinney - No Cities to LoveSleater-Kinney – No Cities to Love

There could be no other album to kick off NMT this week.  Sleater-Kinney is an all time rock band and even though the band members have had other great projects (The Corin Tucker Band and Wild Flag chief among them), there has been a hole in the music world since the band broke up in 2006.  Thankfully, they’re back together and No Cities to Love is right there with Dig Me Out and The Woods among their best.  The guitars are as precisely jagged as ever, Janet Weiss still doesn’t miss a beat on the drums, and the vocals (Corin Tucker handles most of the primary ones here) are on point for society in 2015.  No Cities to Love is punk rock at its absolute best.  Give it a listen and then get your popcorn, Sleater-Kinney is going to be omnipresent for the foreseeable future.

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