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Welcome to, dedicated to spreading the word about all that is good in the world of music. As you get to know us you’ll quickly learn that our definition of good is not limited to one genre or style. In fact, our writers hail from around the world, have an age range in excess of 40 years, and listen to everything from classical to indie pop, jazz to drone, afrobeat to bluegrass, and every classic and trendy genre in between. Brought together as a community at we began searching for a way to share our love of music. What better way to do that than to start a blog? To that end, aims to bring you news, reviews, histories, and stories spanning our varied tastes, and in the process spread the word about our favorite artists and songs. This is possible for one reason only: Unlike Oscar Wilde, we like nothing more than to both listen to and talk about music, because Music Is Good.


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