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Tame Impala - CurrentsTame Impala – Currents

Prior to his third album as frontman of Tame Impala, Kevin Parker collaborated with Mark Ronson on his mega hit Uptown Special (including singing lead on that album’s actual best song “Daffodils”), and it appears he learned a few things from Ronson.  Currents is still very much a Tame Impala record, but where InnerSpeaker and Lonerism were insular psychedelic rock made for putting on headphones and shutting out the world, Currents takes the band’s sound in a dancey new direction that begs to be played at high volume at BBQs and on beaches.  Whether it’s the sprawling jam of “Let it Happen”, the earworm hook of “‘Cause I’m a Man”, or the pure beauty of “Eventually”, Currents is, quite simply, the perfect summer album.

Future - DS2Future – DS2

Future is a busy, busy man.  Following Beast Mode and 56 Nights, DS2 is already his third full length release of 2015. Happily, the quality of those releases has been uniformly excellent.  DS2 is a typical Future release (at least since he stopped trying to be a singer): Nasty, full of bangers, and obsessed with drugs.  In fact, Future makes it clear from DS2‘s very first track “Thought it was a Drought”, which includes the line “I just took a piss and I seen codeine coming out,” that it’s a sequel to 2011’s ode to lean Dirty Sprite in more than just title.  Lean is a recurring presence throughout the album, much to the likely chagrin of OG Mako, but if that’s the price of admission to hear Future annihilate some beats, it’s a steal.

Bad Bad Hats - Psychic ReaderBad Bad Hats – Psychic Reader

Psychic Reader is the debut album from Minneapolis indie pop trio Bad Bad Hats.  The band’s sound, particularly Kerry Alexander’s melodic voice and sweet lyrics, would fit in well at a label like Slumberland Records (they’re on the wonderful Afternoon Records, though, who are giving the album away for free), but there’s a garage feel to the guitars that gives Psychic Reader a bigger sound.  In fact, the combination of Alexander and that guitar sound strongly resembles Metric more than any other artist.  Regardless of comparisons, though, Psychic Reader is a fun listen that deserves the prerelease press it has received at places like SPIN and NPR.

Also out today: The Chemical Brothers – Born in the Echoes, Ratatat – Magnifique, MS MR – How Does it Feel, and Jason Isbell – Something More Than Free.

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