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Title Fight - HyperviewTitle Fight – Hyperview

Punk bands usually age poorly.  Youthful anger often matures into adult satisfaction and neuters new music.  Happily, Title Fight seem to be avoiding this pitfall by exploring different sonic palates.  The first 5 songs of Hyperview are dreamy punk that show clear influences from My Bloody Valentine and progeny.  Track 6 and after, however, make quite the sonic switch to post punky (almost new wave) sounds reminiscent of the new direction Merchandise took on After the End.  Both halves of the album are excellent, but putting them together does make for a somewhat jarring listen.

All We Are - All We Are

All We Are – All We Are

All We Are is a trio made up of an Irishman, a Norwegian, and a Brazilian who met at college in Liverpool, so obviously they make funk and disco infused indie pop.  All We Are, the band’s self titled debut album, is all slick electronics, heart beat bass lines, and falsetto/female voices, and is quite clearly designed to facilitate rubbing up against your dance partner (or whomever else happens to be nearby), in every way possible.  This is baby making music for 2015.

Michna - Thousand ThursdayMichna – Thousand Thursday

A producer and DJ, Michna likes to dip into all sorts of different electronic sounds, and on Thousand Thursday he hits all the big ones.  Rave is present.  So is house.  And disco.  And hip hop.  Michna’s primary talent, however, is in bringing all of these different sounds together to make a coherent whole, and he succeeds wonderfully on this album.  The songs ebb and flow seamlessly (often interluding tracks before winding up the prior one), creating a truly satisfying electronic stew.

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