February 10, 2015

The New Music Tuesday 3 for February 10, 2015

Father John Misty - I Love You, HoneybearFather John Misty – I Love You Honeybear

If you like the sound of soulful 70’s singer-songwriters, but think their lyrics weren’t nearly sarcastic, caustic, or angry enough, I’d like to introduce you to Father John Misty.  I Love You Honeybear is the real life Josh Tillman’s sophomore album as Father John Misty, and while it replaces a lot of the anger of its predecessor with sincere sentiments of love (he met his now wife after Fear Fun was written) he hasn’t lost all of it (the lines “Save me white Jesus” and “Save me President Jesus” from first single “Bored in the USA” are early contenders for my favorite line of the year).  More importantly, there’s a rare depth to this album that takes several listens to reach.  Once it has been reached, however, I Love You Honeybear opens up and shows it is well worth the time.

Computer Magic - Dreams of Better Days EPComputer Magic – Dreams of Better Days EP

Computer Magic is DJ/producer Danielle Johnson and drummer Chris Egan.  Johnson has been putting out EPs of infectious synth pop for a few years now and has refined and improved her sound on each outing.  Dreams of Better Days is the latest step in Computer Magic’s evolution and highlights the strengthening of Johnson’s voice as both a singer and writer.  At a mere 20 minutes, though, the EP is just a snack.  It’s time for a Computer Magic LP.

William Ryan Fritch - RevisionistWilliam Ryan Fritch – Revisionist

Orchestral, cinematic, and alternating between grand and ambient, on Revisionist William Ryan Fritch merges classical instrumentation and score with mellow pop vocals.  This is music tailor made for the climactic scene of a movie (whether it is a tear-jerking tale of survival or a cheesy rom-com).  It’s also excellent.

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