January 27, 2015

The New Music Tuesday 3 for January 27, 2015

Doomtree - All HandsDoomtree – All Hands

The latest from beloved Twin Cities hip hop crew Doomtree, All Hands doesn’t bang quite as hard as its predecessor No Kings, but it still hits pretty hard (especially lead singles “.38 Airweight”, “Gray Duck”, and “Final Boss”).  More importantly the group’s MCs really upped the ante both lyrically and with their flow this time around.  Sims in particular is at the top of his game, but everyone really pulls their weight, making All Hands an absolute must for fans of indie hip hop.  Now…who wants to play a rousing game of “Duck, Duck, Gray Duck.”

Young Ejecta - The PlanetYoung Ejecta – The Planet

Young Ejecta (formerly just Ejecta), is a synth pop duo from New York City, made up of Joel Ford (Ford & Lopatin) and Leanne Macomber (Fight Bite).  The Planet is their sophomore release, but first under the altered name.  The album largely continues where Dominae left off – mellow (occasionally almost downtempo) synth and drums backing Macomber’s dreamy vocals – with a noticeable softening in the mix of the drums being the one exception.  This change greatly enhances the atmosphere of the album, and makes for an excellent listen.

Twerps - Range AnxietyTwerps – Range Anxiety

Melbourne, Australia band Twerps makes lo-fi, 80’s and 90’s power pop inspired (think R.E.M.’s imitators musically) pop that, despite the jangly guitars and guy/girl vocals, doesn’t cross over into being twee.  This is largely due to the obvious Aussie influence on the band’s sound (especially Flying Nun bands), which causes a good bit of Range Anxiety (the band’s first full length release on indie titan Merge Records) to veer more towards the garage end of the spectrum, especially on stand out track “Cheap Education”.

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