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Jessie Ware - Tough Love

Jessie Ware – Tough Love

Jessie Ware’s sophomore album comes a mere year and a half after her fantastic debut Devotion finally hit the U.S, and continues her exploration of R&B and electronic based pop music.  Tough Love is a mellow album that should make the perfect accompaniment to a winter afternoon spent under a blanket with a good book and your significant other, at least until “Keep on Lying” and its vaguely calypso beat (which oddly works despite sounding like a programed beat on an early Casio) kicks in and you put the book aside.  I’m not sure there are any highs on this album as great as “Wildest Moments”, but there aren’t any major lows either.  Tough Love is just a solid pop album.

The Budos Band - Burnt OfferingThe Budos Band – Burnt Offering

Combining afrobeat and funk, Burnt Offering is the latest from Daptone Records’ instrumental group The Budos Band, and the title is apt.  There truly is something sinister about this album, with the title track in particular featuring a sound perfect for a pre-Halloween release.  The album is all Farfisa organ, Hendrixesque guitars, and funk grooves.  Meanwhile, the band’s horn section (trumpets, tenor sax, and baritone sax) soars over the top and makes me wish I still regularly played my trumpet.  Burnt Offering is highly recommended.

Thurston Moore - The Best DayThurston Moore – The Best Day

Sadly, recent news about Thurston Moore has been of the tabloid variety (#TeamKim).  I’ve been hopeful, however, that the release of a new album would put the focus solely back on the music (because honestly I shouldn’t care about the personal lives of artists).  Unfortunately, at least for me, it seems like more time will need to pass before that is the case.  This is largely because unlike most of Moore’s non-Sonic Youth releases, The Best Day sounds like Sonic Youth.  The band is two guitars, bass, and drums (with SY’s Steve Shelley on the drums), and the experiments are largely limited to the guitar noise for which Moore is known and loved.  This is mostly a good thing (I personally want more Sonic Youth in my life) but it’s also partially bad, because despite the similarities this isn’t actually the band Moore co-led for 30 years, and apparently I do care somewhat about the personal lives of artists and find myself unable as of yet to separate them from the art.  Hopefully a little more time and a few more listens will correct that issue for me, but in the meantime you should listen to and enjoy The Best Day.

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