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It might shock you to learn that the authors at Music is Good love music and listen to a lot of it, and we’re guessing you do too.  One of the great things about music, are those occasions when we are struck by a particular song that resonates with us in a special way.  Maybe a catchy beat simply caught our ear.  Maybe it’s a particularly beautiful voice.  Maybe it was a particular way the lyrics blended with the melody and the musical accompaniment, or perhaps the lyrics were especially apropos to a current experience or feeling we had at the time.  Whatever the reason, that particular song had us hitting the ‘replay’ button over and over.  This series spotlights some of the songs that did it for us. They will vary in genre but all will have one thing in common – that special ‘something.’

 My Song of the Week is “Psalm of Life”.  It is on the album Gift, the first collaborative recording by the mother-and-daughter team, Eliza Carthy and Norma Waterson, who make up part of British folk’s great dynasty.

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